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CAISO Regionalization - May 2018

Regionalization of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) is not about creating a regional market, which we already have. It is about the governance of CAISO: essentially, changing control of the regional market and the resulting system of costs and benefits. California would no longer determine its own energy policy destiny, but would become a minority player within a western regional authority dominated by coal interests, an authority that is able to override California's interests. This position paper lays out why CAISO regionalization is a serious threat to Community Choice energy programs and must be opposed.

Our Position on Resolution E-4907 - December 2017

In a stealth attack on Community Choice, the CPUC will vote on January 11 on a draconian resolution that would freeze new Community Choice programs. Our take? Further evidence that the CPUC is doing the IOUs' bidding to halt, delay or otherwise strangle local programs. We argue that the resolution constitutes biased regulatory overreach and should be withdrawn.

NO on AB 813 (Bradford) - September 2017

Calls for a NO vote on this measure which would require investor-owned utilities to procure long-term renewable energy contracts at today's rates, then pass those costs on to Community Choice customers.

YES on SB 692 (Allen) - April 2017

Calls for a YES vote on SB 692, which will make local renewable projects more competitive, leveling the playing field by ensuring proper allocation of transmission access charges to Community Choice programs based on their actual usage. Please See: SB-692 Background Information

NO on SB 618 (Bradford) - April 2017

Calls for a NO vote on SB 618, which would tie the hands of Community Choice energy programs by putting approval of their integrated resource plans in the hands of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), an agency that has demonstrated strong bias towards monopoly utilities and against Community Choice.

AB-1110 - August 2016

Opposes Assembly Bill 1110 as a convoluted, confusing, and biased prescription for reporting greenhouse gas emissions by retail energy suppliers in California.


Code of Conduct - March 2018

The Investor-Owned Utilities have attacked the central feature of the Code of Conduct, by petitioning the CPUC to remove the prohibition against lobbying with ratepayer funds. The Background paper describes the origin of the Code of Conduct and the history of IOU violations, CCA complaints and CPUC inaction.

Our Position on Customer Choice - November 2017

Responds to the CPUC's October 2017 workshop on "California Customer Choice." Enumerates the many ways in which California's approach to customer choice--centered on Community Choice energy programs--provides a more compelling model of competition, community engagement, and consumer protection than the failed retail market approach adopted in the 1990s.

CPUC Bias - March 2017

State law requires that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) support Community Choice programs and enforce utility cooperation with such programs. Yet the CPUC has repeatedly flouted this imperative, as detailed in this report, exhibiting a bias against Community Choice in favor of monopoly utilities.

TAC - February 2017

Proposes an urgent fix for the current Transmission Access Charge (TAC) market distortion. This distortion inhibits vital, community-based renewable energy development and severely limits the benefits that Community Choice programs can deliver to the communities they serve.

SDG&E Marketing Division - July 2016

Opposes a proposal adopted by the California Public Utilities Commission which allows San Diego Gas & Electric to circumvent California's Community Choice law by setting up a separate division to market against Community Choice initiatives.

PCIA - March 2016

Calls for sunsetting the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA)--an ongoing charge to Community Choice customers imposed by the monopoly utilities to recover the costs of energy that these utilities procured for customers who have departed to Community Choice programs.

Community Choice Practices

Guide to Creating State-of-the-Art Community Choice Programs - January 2018

Written for Community Choice advocates and practitioners, the Guide puts our values and principles at the center of organizing efforts to realize the local benefits a well-designed Community Choice program can provide.

Utility-Grade Energy Services - October 2017

Reaction to the rapid expansion of Community Choice programs has challenged new and existing programs to offer more sophisticated energy procurement and risk management strategies. This paper examines an approach that shows potential for helping to optimize benefits while managing regulatory and market uncertainties.

California Choice Energy Authority - October 2017

California Choice Energy Authority (CCEA) is a new entity formed by the City of Lancaster to offer Community Choice start-up services especially to smaller communities. Points to areas of concern with this offering and raises questions that communities evaluating CCEA contracts should understand before moving forward.

Key Values and Principles - May 2017

A set of values and principles that are the basis of the Community Choice program practices for which we advocate.

Good Energy Inc - October 2016

Points out the risks posed to communities by the fully outsourced Community Choice program model being offered by Good Energy, Inc.

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The mission of the California Alliance for Community Energy is to support and defend Community Choice Energy programs in California that advance local clean energy for the environmental and economic benefit of our communities.

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The Alliance is made up of advocates and supporters committed to developing local renewable energy resources and clean energy jobs through Community Choice energy programs. The Alliance provides a forum for respectful and productive discourse among a diverse group of stakeholders to: build relationships, share resources, educate each other about issues and challenges, and organize against threats.

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