Who We Are

The mission of the California Alliance for Community Energy is to support and defend Community Choice energy programs in California that advance local clean energy for the environmental, economic, and social justice benefit of our communities.
  • The Community in Community Choice

    Grounded in the advocate community, the Alliance has no financial interests in Community Choice programs. As a result, we represent independent analysis reflecting community interests. The Alliance has influenced thinking on a range of regulatory, legislative, and industry issues.

  • The Alliance's Organization

    The Alliance consists of advocates and supporters committed to developing local renewable energy resources and clean energy jobs through Community Choice energy programs. The Alliance provides a forum for discourse among a diverse group of stakeholders to: build relationships, share resources, educate each other, and organize.


Alliance Leadership

These Steering Committee members meet bimonthly to lead the organization.

Al is the coordinator and founder of the Alliance. He is a local advocate in the East Bay through the Local Clean Energy Alliance, which promotes the equitable development and democratization of local renewable energy resources.
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Supporting the Alliance

Tax-deductible donations to support the Alliance’s work can be made via our fiscal sponsor.