Our Position on CAISO Regional Expansion – AB 813 (May 2018)

Regional expansion of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) is not about creating a regional market, which we already have. It is about the governance of CAISO: essentially, changing control of the regional market and the resulting system of costs and benefits. California would no longer determine its own energy policy destiny, but would become a minority player within a …

Our Position on Customer Choice (November 2017)

Responds to the CPUC’s October 2017 workshop on “California Customer Choice.” Enumerates the many ways in which California’s approach to customer choice–centered on Community Choice energy programs–provides a more compelling model of competition, community engagement, and consumer protection than the failed retail market approach adopted in the 1990s. Click to Download PDF  

Our Position on Resolution E-4907 (December 2017)

In a stealth attack on Community Choice, the CPUC will vote on January 11 on a draconian resolution that would freeze new Community Choice programs. Our take? Further evidence that the CPUC is doing the IOUs’ bidding to halt, delay or otherwise strangle local programs. We argue that the resolution constitutes biased regulatory overreach and should be withdrawn. Click to …

Our Position on AB813 (September 2017)

Calls for a NO vote on this measure which would require investor-owned utilities to procure long-term renewable energy contracts at today’s rates, then pass those costs on to Community Choice customers.  Click to Download PDF  

Our Position On Utility Grade Energy Services (October 2017)

Reaction to the rapid expansion of Community Choice programs has challenged new and existing programs to offer more sophisticated energy procurement and risk management strategies. This paper examines an approach that shows potential for helping to optimize benefits while managing regulatory and market uncertainties. Click to Download PDF  

Our Position On California Choice Energy Authority (October 2017)

California Choice Energy Authority (CCEA) is a new entity formed by the City of Lancaster to offer Community Choice start-up services especially to smaller communities. Points to areas of concern with this offering and raises questions that communities evaluating CCEA contracts should understand before moving forward. Click to Download PDF  

CPUC Bias Against Community Choice (March 2017)

State law requires that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) support Community Choice programs and enforce utility cooperation with such programs. Yet the CPUC has repeatedly flouted this imperative, as detailed in this report, exhibiting a bias against Community Choice in favor of monopoly utilities. Click to Download PDF  

SB 692 Background Information (April 2017)

SB 692 addresses a long-standing structural bias in the way charges are calculated for renewable energy output to access the transmission grid. This two-pager describes both the problem and the proposed fix. Click to Download PDF  

Our Position on SB 618 (March 2017)

Calls for a NO vote on SB 618, which would tie the hands of Community Choice energy programs by putting approval of their integrated resource plans in the hands of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), an agency that has demonstrated strong bias towards monopoly utilities and against Community Choice. Click to Download PDF