UPDATED: CPUC Bias Against Community Choice (January 2019)

This update of our 2016 “CPUC Bias” paper documents the continuing pattern of imbalanced decisions against Community Choice, made by a CPUC undeniably protective of the monopoly utilities.   Despite California law that requires a level playing field and neutrality among electricity providers, the CPUC has repeatedly ignored statutory guidance and its own precedent to rule in favor of the utilities …

Backgrounder: Roll Back the CPUC Attack on Community Choice (February 2019)

The CPUC has long been taking decisions that disadvantage Community Choice vis a vis the investor-owned utilities (see “CPUC Bias” papers).  Now, in the aftermath of October’s devastating PCIA decision, the Alliance has committed to fighting back.  This Backgrounder outlines the basis for the “Roll Back the Attack” Campaign, the damage already inflicted on specific Community Choice programs, and what’s …

Our Position on the IOU Code of Conduct (October 2018)

The IOU Code of Conduct requires the investor-owned utilities (IOUs) to be neutral about Community Choice.  The Code spells out how this neutrality must be maintained, especially regarding the use of rate-payer funds.  In early 2018, however, the IOUs filed a “Petition to Modify” the Code, to remove all restrictions against lobbying with rate-payer funds.  This paper explains the Code’s …

Our Position on Customer Choice (November 2017)

Responds to the CPUC’s October 2017 workshop on “California Customer Choice.” Enumerates the many ways in which California’s approach to customer choice–centered on Community Choice energy programs–provides a more compelling model of competition, community engagement, and consumer protection than the failed retail market approach adopted in the 1990s. Click to Download PDF  

CPUC Bias Against Community Choice (March 2017)

State law requires that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) support Community Choice programs and enforce utility cooperation with such programs. Yet the CPUC has repeatedly flouted this imperative, as detailed in this report, exhibiting a bias against Community Choice in favor of monopoly utilities. Click to Download PDF  

Our Position on Transmission Access Charges (February 2017)

Proposes an urgent fix for the current Transmission Access Charge (TAC) market distortion. This distortion inhibits vital, community-based renewable energy development and severely limits the benefits that Community Choice programs can deliver to the communities they serve. Click to Download PDF  

Our Position on SDG&E Marketing Division (November 2016)

Opposes a proposal adopted by the California Public Utilities Commission which allows San Diego Gas & Electric to circumvent California’s Community Choice law by setting up a separate division to market against Community Choice initiatives. Click to Download PDF  

Our Position on PCIA (March 2016)

Calls for sunsetting the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA)–an ongoing charge to Community Choice customers imposed by the monopoly utilities to recover the costs of energy that these utilities procured for customers who have departed to Community Choice programs. Click to Download PDF