Who We Are

Our Mission -- The California Alliance for Community Energy utilizes the knowledge, expertise, and commitment of its members to promote a more equitable, affordable, reliable and resilient clean energy future.  

We seek collaboration with other organizations to inform Californians regarding the environmental, economic and social justice benefits that result from clean, locally-controlled and community-determined energy solutions, especially for communities whose needs have been historically disregarded and/or undermined. 

  • The Community in Community Energy

    Grounded in the advocate community, the Alliance has no financial interests in Community Choice programs or any form of local clean energy development. We advocate for community-minded Values and Principles.

  • The Alliance's Organization

    The Alliance consists of advocates and supporters committed to developing local renewable energy resources and clean energy jobs through locally-driven community energy programs. The Alliance provides a forum for discourse among a diverse group of stakeholders to: build relationships, share resources, educate each other, and organize.

  • What We Do

    The Alliance hosts monthly Statewide conference calls, organizes campaigns, and publishes position papers on legislative and regulatory topics. In 2023, we published this brochure on our values, principles and priorities.

Alliance Leadership

These Steering Committee members meet bimonthly to lead the organization.
Al Weinrub was a justice warrior for over 50 years, prior to his untimely death August 30, 2023. He championed energy justice and energy democracy for all, founding the CA Alliance for Community Energy in 2015. We join our sister organizations, to which Al was also instrumental, (LCEA, ROP, and EDP) in pledging to keep Al’s flame alive in the work we continue to do.
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Supporting the Alliance

Tax-deductible donations to support the Alliance’s work can be made via our fiscal sponsor.