Community Choice: A Nuclear Dumping Ground?

PG&E’s attempts to dump its excess Diablo Canyon nuclear energy on Community Choice energy programs in 2020 has been largely rejected due to community opposition. This opposition has been organized by many members of the Alliance. Many agencies were willing to accept PG&E’ offer of “carbon-free” nuclear energy at a bargain price, but clean energy activists pushed back, arguing that nuclear energy is not clean, safe, renewable, sustainable nor local. The above-market cost of this generation — more than $1 billion in 2020 — calls for Diablo Canyon to be shut down, not subsidized by ratepayers.

Many complex questions were debated as this issue came before the governing boards of Community Choice agencies. Alliance members at East Bay Clean Power Alliance (EBCPA) and Local Clean Energy Alliance (LCEA) developed the tools posted below to help explain this “wolf in sheep’s clothing” debate.