Enron Part 2: “Get Shorty!”

Per SacBee — “A view of the control room from an overlook room shows the power grid at the California Independent System Operator, or ISO, in Folsom in December 2018. Utility ratepayers have lost more than $866 million to energy firms trading in obscure ISO financial contracts. (emphasis added by CACE)” RenĂ©e C. Byer rbyer@sacbee.com

What’s really behind the blackouts that rolled across California this past August? The Alliance has been pleased to work with attorney and former CPUC President Loretta Lynch as she applies insights from California’s Great Energy Crisis of 2001 to her analysis of the rolling blackouts of 2020. Has CAISO really learned anything about protecting Californians from predatory “deregulated markets”?

A preliminary reference list is below. Watch this space for further developments.