Oppose AB 813 — CAISO Regional Expansion

Campaign Status:  Concluded

Outcome: AB 813 fails to pass the California legislature

Due to our efforts and those of over 100 organizations across the state that strongly opposed this bill, AB 813 to privatize governance of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) failed to pass the state legislature.  There were many reasons why many organizations joined forces to defeat this dangerous and misleading measure.  Nevertheless, it was a close call — and this measure may sneak its way into future legislative sessions. Watch this space!

While this campaign is now concluded, we have preserved the original campaign information, below. 

Background and Call to Action

The Campaign to Oppose AB 813 – Expansion of CAISO is in its final weeks. We need your help NOW to defeat this damaging and unnecessary measure.  Please read on and join us in taking action NOW.

AB 813 would change the governance of our regional electricity organization by uniting California with the western coal states. Rather than controlling our own clean energy policy, we’d become a minority voice in a FERC-jurisdictional multi-state entity.  Once we join, there’s no going back.  Listen to Loretta Lynch, former Chair of the California Public Utilities Commission, on just how bad an idea this is.

Many other groups agree — here are just a few examples: from usFood and Water Watch, and Sierra Club.

It’s clear: joining a coal-dominated Regional Transmission Organization is unnecessary and fraught with risks. Especially at this time, when there are so many better solutions, it is NOT in California’s best interests to take this irrevocable step.

Yet – We know the Governor considers regionalization to be one of the tools he has to “make deals” on other critical issues.

Let’s tell him Now – Don’t compromise away our ability to create a clean energy future for our families and communities. Don’t empower private regional transmission owners to enact their priorities over the interests of California and its citizens. NO, no, no.

We ask you to take One Step.  Share your thoughts on AB 813 with key decision makers.  Then tell your friends to do the same.  If AB 813 passes, say as part of a “compromise” package, what we get will not be worth what we will lose.  Our decarbonization progress is at risk.

Please do this, now. Here, at the Action page of Greenpower’s “Welcome to Coal Country” campaign.  The messages go to Governor Brown and your State Senator and Representatives.  You can use the prepared message, edit it as you like or create your own.