Our Position on “Sunsetting” the PCIA (November 2020)

The Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) is an ongoing fee imposed on Community Choice customers. In 2020, under 2018 rules we fought all the way to the Courts, the PCIA has been “weaponized” to the point where its elimination is now an existential necessity for Community Choice to succeed.

From requests for CPUC rehearings to appeals to the California District Appellate Court, all other recourse has been tried and failed. If Community Choice programs are to continue as our State’s best hope for combating climate change with the speed, innovation, transparency and local control we all sought upon voting them into existence, the PCIA must be “sunset” — overtime, eliminated.

The time has come to address this issue legislatively.

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Our Position on Sunsetting the PCIA