The best way to do this is to leave this section open in one tab in your browser and to open new tabs to do the following steps.
That way you can continually reference back to these instructions by switching tabs, without having to navigate away and come back.

———-STEP ONE———-

Copy the following Code:

Click to Download PDF


———-STEP TWO———-

Go to the Pages Section and create a New Page
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the Layout Settings section. Click the layout that has no sidebar.
Give the Page a Title of “Our Position On ___________” (fill in blank with name of issue)
Click the Text Tab (as opposed to the Visual Tab) and paste in the code you copied in step one.
Save the new Page by hitting “Save Draft”, right hand column.

———-STEP THREE———-

Go To The Media Section and upload the PDF for the position paper you’re adding
Once uploaded, click on the PDF in the Media section
This will bring up the Attachment Details section
Copy the URL from the URL field
Now return to the New Page you created in Step TWO

———-STEP FOUR———-

All You should have in the newly created page is the code you copied and pasted in Step One.
Now you need to update that code with the URL that you copied from the PDF you uploaded in Step Three

In the two locations where you see INSERT_PDF_URL_HERE , replace that text with the URL that you copied. Make sure not to delete the quotation marks on either side of INSERT_PDF_URL_HERE, they are important.

There is also one location where you need to replace the text that says: INSERT_TITLE_OF_PAGE_HERE
Replace that with the Title of the page you created in Step Two, which should be “Our Position On ______” (where the blank is the current issue)

Once you’ve pasted in the URL and the Title, your code should look like this (except the actual URL and Title will be different):

Click to Download PDF

Our Position on Senate Bill 692

———-STEP FIVE———-

Click the Blue Publish Button on the right hand side of the page to Publish the page you created.
Your Position page is now created.
Now all that’s left to do is to update the “Our Positions” section and add a position title and summary that link to the position page you created above.

———-STEP SIX———-

The “Our Positions” Section of the Home Page is accessed by going to Appearance > Widgets

On the right hand side, click the “Home 2” field, and then click the Text field inside it.
This will open up the HTML code that creates the Our Positions section on the main page.

The code from this section is split up into two sections, Current Positions and Earlier Positions.
Both of these sections are made up of a Left column and Right Column.
If you want to add or move positions to the Earlier Positions section, then find the HTML Comment that says:
If you want to add or move positions to the Current Positions section, then find the HTML Comment that says:
If you want to add or move positions to the Left Column of one of the above sections, find the HTML Comment that says:
If you want to add or move positions to the Right Column of one of the above sections, find the HTML Comment that says:
Both the Earlier and Current position sections each have a Right and Left column inside them.

The code that creates a Position Title and Summary section (which is what you’re adding), looks like this:

Utility-Grade Energy Services – October 2017

The rapid expansion of Community Choice programs has challenged new and existing programs to offer more sophisticated energy procurement and risk management strategies. This paper examines an approach that shows potential for helping to optimize benefits while managing regulatory and market uncertainties.

In the above code:

inserts a Horizontal Rule, which are the lines you see above and below the Position Titles.
The and corresponding creates a Hypertext Link, this is what takes you to the Position Page when you click on the title
The section of the tag is where you put the URL that you want the link to go to

and corresponding

styles the text between them as an h4 Header.

and corresponding

creates a new paragraph, and between these two tags you’ll put the Position summary. It should be concise.
creates a Line Break, or empty line, which is to create proper spacing and isn’t always necessary. You may see places where it isn’t included. And in some places you might see two
in order to create more space. You can add and remove
tags if you need to make slight adjustments to the spacing of the positions on the page.

Copy one of these blocks of code and paste it into the Proper Section and Column it should appear. If you’re adding content to the top of a column, then paste the code at the top of that column, just under the or

Then you need to update the fields of the code you copied and pasted.
Delete the URL that you see in the
section represented here by DELETE_URL_HERE:
Replace the URL you just deleted with the URL of the page that you created in STEP TWO, above.
The easiest way to get this URL is to go to the Pages section, click on the Page you created, and then hit the “View Page” button, just under the title
Then when the page opens up, copy the URL from the menu bar of the browser.
Then paste that URL between the double quotation marks in
section where you deleted the previous URL

Now, update the title text between the

tags and keep it similar in format to previous positions
Now, update the position summary text between the

tags. Try and keep it to just 2-3 sentences.

Click the blue Save button to save the changes you’ve made to this widget. Your changes should now be visible on the main page.

Confirm that everything is working by opening a new tab in your browser and going to: https://cacommunityenergy.org
You should see the new position summary you added in the Our Positions section of the main page.
Confirm that the link is working by clicking on the title of that position.
Confirm that the PDF is loading properly when you are redirected to that position page.
Confirm that the download link is pointing to the correct PDF by hovering over the “Click To Download PDF” link.

———-THE END———-